Hi everyone, welcome to the you process. It’s a process that has allowed me to find the “sweet spot” in my life. Anyone can know this, it’s not something that centers around me, it centers around all of us, my reason for wanting to share with you.

My Background

I am the husband of two wives, my late wife Norma for forty-seven years, and my present wife Sandra. With my first wife, I am the proud father of seven children, all who have their own families, who made me the grandfather of twenty-three grand children who have made me, at last count, the great-grandfather of seven great grand children.

Sandra and I reside in Ontario, Canada with our cat Merra.


Our Experiences shape who we are.

My education has helped me, but it was my experiences, good or bad, that shaped me. I had a small business of my own when I was six years old, selling cod liver oil for ten cents a quart, that was my first entrepreneurial experience. At age thirteen I was taking responsibilities of an adult.

I gradually began to realize that my confidence was in what I did or accomplished, and not in myself. It took many more years to be honest with myself (that wasn’t easy) to fully realize I didn’t know who I was.

I have found that there is an inside story to everything, not until your inside do you know the full story. I have been a radio announcer, self-employed, branch manager for a national company, ordained Baptist minister, CEO in the corporate world, caregiver for my wife and successfully operated a B&B.

This in many ways has been my search for “who I am.” None of those vocations or endeavors told me who I was. I’m not a skeptic, but I want to know what goes on in the back ground. I’ve heard the saying, “the power is in the backroom”, that is not entirely wrong. I learned something from all of those endeavors and it helped me realize none of it had an answer for me. Out of this journey, the most important realization, there was much more to me than I realized or even thought.

My greatest realization, I was asking the wrong question. Not “who am I?” but “who are you?” Getting to know “you” has brought me to a sweet spot in my life. Less stress from fear, doubt, anxiety and a greater respect for myself and those around me.

We Live in changing times

Since moving into the twenty-first century with the availability of information and the advancements in technology, it is almost impossible to keep up with everything. Cultures are changing, times are changing, we are fast moving towards a global community.

One of the biggest changes I have noticed, that impacts our society, much more than most people realize, is the changes in religious organizations. Many religions are changing their message and way of doing things, to try and attract people to their religion. Is this meeting the needs of people, for some, yes? For many, I don’t think so, by the number of people, especially young people, who want nothing to do with organized religion.

There was a time when religious organizations set the moral compass of our society. Not anymore, there is more of a desire to set one’s own moral compass, rather than have it set by a religion. Is this a good thing? Looking at the divisiveness that seems so apparent in our society, I’m not so sure. Society is becoming more tribal and polarized, populace governments. The #metoo movement. Polarization leads to isolation. What those messages tell us, there is a problem, but it does not give a solution.

I believe we should set our own moral compass, but to set our own moral compass can be damaging to ourselves, our children and our country, if we don’t know who we are.

The Purpose of the Blog

The “you” process can help you navigate all the changes we are experiencing without choppy waters. My journey can be your journey, at a different pace with different stops, but along the same trail and to the same destination. I can be a companion to you on this journey, but you have to walk it yourself and carry your own backpack.

We live in a society where we think money or position can meet our most important needs. Money or position cannot buy or give happiness. You maybe asking the wrong questions or accepting the status quo or blind to what is taking place around you.

I am in my seventies but still believe the best is yet to come. Regardless of age if “you” becomes your center, life will be rewarding, comforting and fulfilling.

This blog is to help you find and grow in your “you” center, if you are interested.

You are one of a kind, unique and perhaps much greater than you realize.

If you have any questions or comments, I’m interested and will try to answer everyone. Looking forward to meeting you through this blog.

Thank You

Russell Hollett


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