What is the Chrysalis?

In previous posts, we dealt with the caterpillar and its eventual becoming a butterfly. On that last post before love, I mentioned that I would have a post on Breaking out of the Chrysalis.

The reason for choosing this topic was to draw some parallels of human nature with nature itself. Many times we fail to recognize the fact, that we are able to learn much about ourselves and the evolution of our growth and even the health of our body from nature.

Metamorphosis is a fact of nature, not just with caterpillars. Many species go through a metamorphosis, human nature will go through that process as well, if one chooses too.

The metamorphic stage for a human is what my next group of posts on “The You Process” will cover in a more specific manner. Previous posts up to this point have been ambiguous, by design, so a person would have to give some thought to what was being said.

Eventually the caterpillar will hang upside down and spin a silky cocoon or molt into the chrysalis. The caterpillar will transform its body and eventually emerge as a butterfly. The chrysalis is an important part of that process, but its the life that is going on inside that eventually has a butterfly emerge.

The Natural Human.

Natural is what most will consider “the norm” or again, we can equate it with nature. This brings us back, to human beings are a part of nature, from dust we came and unto dust we return, that makes it specific that we are a part of nature.

Albeit, we are supposed to be the most intelligent animal. When we observe how animals with so little brain power are able to rely on their instincts for survival.

The natural human has difficulty relying on their instincts.

The natural tendency is to rely on what we learn from other people. When we don’t listen to our instincts, the bottom line is we don’t trust ourselves.

Most will disagree with that statement and say, “I trust myself.” My question to that statement is, do you rely on what you learn from other people, or trust your instincts? I think you will find most people trust their education or what other people say rather than themselves.

It is not that people don’t trust themselves, they don’t know themselves.

I thought I knew myself, until I finally realized that I was deceiving myself. I had different ways of protecting myself, or so I thought, actually what I was doing was digging a deeper hole. Placing blame on someone or something other than myself, if something didn’t work out, was just passing the buck.

The most valuable aspect of my life centered on the fact that I had the power of choice, choice was something I took for granted, but it was the full realization that choice brought consequences, with that blame went out the door. It was necessary to accept the consequence of the choice.

I never gave any consideration to the fact that every time I blamed someone or something I avoided responsibility, to take responsibility and blame myself was not an answer either. Blame was acknowledging a problem, but what was needed was a solution.

Realizing that the solution was within me, took some time to come to fruition and in some ways is still growing.

The Supernatural Human.

That heading “the supernatural human” poses a question. The natural and supernatural and the power of words and how they affect us was covered in detail on the blog www.idonthavetheanswer.com the post title is natural and supernatural.

If we looked at super natural like this, two separate words, it has a whole new meaning. We know the meaning of natural and super means large or powerful. What we have is a large or powerful natural, considering that humans are a part of nature, we have a large or powerful human.

The world begins to look like it should, a beautiful place for us to enjoy.

We are speaking of the intellect of the human, large or powerful. There is so much more to us than we realize, there is a supernatural side. That is our power house.

It is a well-known fact that the human brain only uses five to seven per cent of its capacity. Taping into that extra capacity would be on the supernatural side, that is what “The You Process” blog is about.

Science, through various tests, realized that a bee could be trained to solve a mathematical problem. The bee has a brain the size of a sesame seed and has approximately one million neurons. The human brain has over three hundred billion neurons.

If we were not afraid of the supernatural and treated it as super natural, we would enter into a whole new realm where life could be much more pleasant, we could actually trust our instincts or as some would say, trust your gut.

Back To The Chrysalis.work completed.

When the metamorphose of a caterpillar to a butterfly takes place, the butterfly has to break out of the chrysalis. It is important to note that the life is inside the chrysalis, the chrysalis itself has no life, but is holding the life and waiting for it to emerge as a butterfly.

The human body could be compared to a chrysalis.

At this point it is important to realize that the power of the human body lies within us, not in the physical body itself. This power can break out if we so choose, to choose that route means we have to have faith in a power that is within us, that allows us to reach our intended potential.

We have been trained to rely on our six senses, everything is within the physical realm. That is why it is difficult to rely on our instincts or not trust them.

It is what we see, hear and taste that gets us into trouble so often. Our instincts will keep us out of trouble.

We have to move past relying on our chrysalis or human body and let the life within us break out, it is a process, not one to be taken lightly. It does take time, it requires patience and it is not a cake walk.

If you were to look at the process of the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis, it takes time and a significant amount of effort from within, to break out.

How long the process will take depends on the individual, human nature will try to suppress this life as much as possible. It is so easy to rely on what we can see and if we can’t see it we began to doubt, but it is impossible to deny an experience.

It in many ways is our ego fighting against the super ego. As a young person we are trained to rely completely on our ego, as we age and have gone through many of life’s battles the ego begins to play a lesser part.

We are shaped by life’s experiences not by what we have learned or what other people have said about us, life’s experiences, negative and positive, how we have responded to them has made us what we are.

If you are like me, in most instances I fought the negative experiences rather than embrace them. It is only as I have grown older and recognized how important those negative experiences are, that I started to embrace rather than fight. Now don’t think for a moment I enjoyed those negative experiences.

When I saw the purpose of the negative experiences and took responsibility for choices that I made that so often centered around my own selfish interests. Though I didn’t enjoy them, I realized it was part of the process of breaking out of my chrysalis or rising above it, so I could have the confidence to rely on my instincts continuously rather than occasionally.

Any woman that has given birth realizes there is nine months of various discomforts and in the final hours a significant laboring process that takes place, that is the natural birth, the supernatural birth has its discomforts as well.

In my next posts or series of posts I will outline in a more specific way, what is involved in the process of getting to know “YOU.” “I” is the caterpillar and “YOU” is the butterfly.

Moving from the natural to the supernatural.

If you have any questions or comments on this post I would love to hear from you. I will answer any questions you may have. To get an expansion on words in relation to natural and supernatural go to the post with that heading on www.idonthavetheanswer.com

Until next time, Be Happy.

20 Replies to “Breaking Out Of The Chrysalis.”

  1. It’s lovely reading this captivating and insightful guide on Breaking Out Of The Chrysalis

    You laid it all out clearly and showed series of examples that helped emphasize your various points. This guide will be very useful for me. I have read about chrysalis before now but I don’t know it has a lot of benefits this much. Thanks for letting out this secrets. Its well appreciated Thanks for sharing

  2. Nice article on breaking out of the chrysalis,i must commend you for the job well done for posting such an informative educative article.

    most of the things talked about in the article is true in most cases.we don’t trust ourselves and we also we don’t know ourselves that is main reason we don’t follow our instincts all the time and depends on other people wisdom.i really find this article helpful in discovering myself. I look forward to the article on know you

    1. This has been a long journey for me, fortunately it does not have to be. We have to grow into our Inner self, it is a choice but well worth it.

      Thanks for your comments, look forward to sharing more with you.

  3. This is a great analogy for a post on how we can all break out of the barriers we may feel or have internally or externally that keep us from being all we can be in life. Most certainly we all face demons in our daily living, and unless we find ways to overcome them.

    You have offered a lot of excellent advice on ways we can do this, and rightfully paint it as a process we all go through in life. I have read so many books and seen for myself with other people and indeed, for me as well, that we all change as we get older.

    Hopefully, that change advances us in how we enjoy our own lives and how we positively can affect the lives of others around us. People have to embrace this change as opposed to being afraid of it I think. It takes a post like this or some other trigger for people to see what is there. 

    I really thank you for putting so much thought and advice into this post, I have no doubt that you will touch a lot of people and enable them to take a 10,000-foot view and then see what actions they can take to embrace that change and make it work for them!

    1. Good Morning Dave, I appreciate your comments. Things do change as we get older, that is unfortunate, when we really need that extra help would have been when we were younger and it is available but unfortunately our ego feels we have all the answers.

      We have to let that inner power break us free. The Chrysalis is binding, break out and we can mount up with wings.

      Change is one on the most difficult things to accept, it takes us out of our comfort zone and that puts fear in play and fear incapacitates. Doing things a different ways is not change, its the opposite end of the same stick.

      True change does come from within us.

      Again thanks Dave for your comments, have a great day.

  4. HI Russell, what a fascinating post.  I have first hand knowledge of this i terms of knowing what I want to do, and probably am capable of but not having the trust in myself to do it – and definitaly not the trust to be able to bounce back from a failure.  I agree that we humans are “supposed to be the most intelligent animal” on the planet but we deceive ourselves into believing that we are not the most intelligent amongst other humans.

    My take of the Chrysalis analogy is a little different to yours in that I look at it more as a mental thing than a physical one – maybe what you were getting at with the supernatural human.  I was fired from a very high paying job a few years back – I deserved it but still spent a good few months blaming others and telling everyone that would listen that the project will fail – which it did.  The trouble was that I didn’t feel any better that it had and was forced to do some real internal thinking – my crysalis.  It wasn’t until I put the crysalis up in my mind and then let it butterfly out that I was able to see clearly and really start to plan my future.

    Thanks for your post and I look forward to the next installments


    1. Paul it is a mental thing, it has to do with our mind that wants us to rely on our five senses, that is the power of the mind.

      When we rely on the mind the unfortunate thing, we are relying on and allowing others to control our llife,, tht could be negative or positive , the key word is control not negative or positive.

      Thanks for your comment and all the best in your journey.

      Have a great day.

  5. Nice article there on breaking out of the chrysalis.i must commend you for taking your time to write such an informative and educative article on how to discover the potential in ourselves 

    truly most of the things you point out about human not been able to test ourselves and also been unable to know ourselves in person.because assuming we do, we will not depend most times on what we learn from others. 

    i will like to read the next article on you is butterfly.thanks

    1. If we allow the supernatural to take control and it is a choice that you have, you will trust yourself and listen to yourself.

      You will not need others but you will appreciate all others.

      Have a great day and thanks for the comments, look forward to sharing more with you.

  6. This is definitely a very inspiring Post and I can’t agree less with all that you have Said here. Truth is it can be difficult relying on our instinct most times as we not if it’s leading on in the right path so we rather as other people how they did it and what are the procedures they took when we could have gotten better results by listen to our instinct, using our six senses.. thanks for this Post

    1. The supernatural will take us beyond our six senses. It is a journey we take alone but we do have within ourselves the comfort we need to go it alone.

      Thanks for your comment, have a great day.

  7. Great post. I enjoyed reading every part. Learning of the word Chrysalis for the first time. Your post just echoed some aspects of my faith that encourages me to trust my inner power. There is an inherent power in everyone if trusted can make one a better person. I enjoy the aspect on Metamorphosis, everyone of us must be willing to subject ourselves to the process of metamorphoses in other to realize our full potentials. I have bookmarked this website to learn more on the subject Chrysalis. 

    1. We have a natural tendency to put too much faith in the Chrysalis and ignore the inner power that has the power to take us out of the Chrysalis. The reward a Butterfly, you are free.

      Thank you for your comments. look forward to sharing more with you, pass it on if you like.

  8. It’s a really fascinating parallel between a human and a butterfly.   I feel like I’m in the midst of a mid-life crisis, as I reached my 40’s.  Maybe, I’ve created a chrysalis all this time and now I’m starting to look different at many things in life? Money is important, but not spending it on goods anymore. I’m looking for experiences, as I feel how time goes by and I’m not at the top anymore, but starting the decline. My body is not as strong as it was, but my mind refuses to feel 40y old, it’s stuck somewhere in 20s. I hope I’ll break through to something better and will feel more whole being. Thank you for this interesting point of view.

    1. Mary let the inner being break through for you. Our biggest problem is not that we don’t try hard enough it is that we try too hard to be something we already are, if we allow the inner self our supernatural to work it out for us.

      Don’t worry 40 is the new 20, the power with in you does not age, its the body that does age, remember that is only the Chrysalis.

      Have a great day and thank you for your comments.

  9. I believe that knowing ourselves is a process.

     Our brain develops as we grow older. Physically and mentally, everyone of us develops. Of course, aside from these growth within us, external forces such as experiences  and our interactions with the environment, like, if we go to school, then we learn some more and discover more about who we are, what we want to accomplish and how we react to negative and positive experiences.

    We need to allow ourselves to develop, to accept and learn from our experiences. If we fall, we need to rise up. 

    We need to be strong physically and emotionally to face whatever life has to offer.

    Your post and your website are interesting. It made me think more  about life and about myself.

    Like the butterfly which emerged form the chrysalis, everyone of us has the capability to grow as a unique person.


    1. Marita we are all unique, how many do you know that have the same DNA. It is interesting while we are all different we are 99.9 per cent the same.

      To establish that uniqueness of one point between seven point five billion people, there has to be a higher power than what we see when we look in the mirror.

      That is where the supernatural comes in, the natural is weak and needs the super aspect of each of us, that is where the faith journey comes in, we have a greater power within us.

      Have a great day and thank you for your comments.

  10. Hi Russell, that’s some pretty deep thoughts and comparison’s and i feel your in the right direction, but in this life i thinks it is super hard to put a label on human evolution, i believe we are born with the inherit knowledge of right and wrong ,not much else and your right we evolve by learning from our own or others experience’s . the ultimate goal is being content, but human nature states, blur the line , compare, compete ,fittest for survival. Your trust your gut thought, brings me back to we all know RIGHT from WRONG but somewhere along the line we get callous to spirit and molded by society, we are works in progress .I look forward to more of your posts and haven’t read anything prior but i will try to find them as this one was a good read and thought provoking thanks T,C 

    1. Thank you for your comments, you are so right we are born with the knowledge of right and wrong, but what I found with that kind of knowledge I was judging people. Then I had to come to a reality of, “Who do I think I am?” all I was doing was condemning myself or setting myself up as God.

      That was when the realization began to dawn on me that there was more to me then met the eye, there was a greater power in me that could actually deliver me from myself.

      It was difficult to realize my greatest enemy was myself until I realized I had a friend who would never let me down, that dwelt within me. That was my supernatural power and could overcome my natural power and still respect the physical aspect of me.

      Have a great day, I look forward to sharing more with you, pass it on if you like.

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