Another Aspect.Seeing the bigger picture

In the previous post we were looking at a spiritual journey more from a religious perspective and used some words attached to religion. Every religion has a Higher Power to worship and some who do not belong to a religion will believe there is a Higher Power.

In this post we are going to look at a spiritual journey more from a scientific perspective. The first thought that may come to your mind, it can’t be spiritual if it has to do with science. Science will most likely think the same way, it has nothing to do with spiritual things.

This is where lateral thinking comes in, using something that is known and going beyond through an indirect and creative approach.

We have determined, especially in the spiritual realm, it is difficult to draw a picture in our mind of anything spiritual. A spirit is an energy force, an energy force can only be experienced, so words will fail us in both the religious and scientific realms. This energy force, while it can only be experienced, is going to be given a word or words to try to describe the fact that there is something more than can be seen.

Science describes the brain from a neuro perspective with neurotransmitter and a neuromodulator. When I thought about that and reasoned it through, my conclusion was somewhat different. The information gave me something to reason and helped me understand something that made sense, because it tied in with some of my life experiences. This knowledge did not change anything, but it gave me a comfort that I was on the right trail and would lead me to my destination.

The Strength of Words.A picture is worth a thousand words.

A tremendous amount of validity is given to words. To make a positive affirmation is to almost assume it is fact, when in fact it expresses what you would like to be fact. In other words, I can talk the walk, but it is necessary to walk the talk for it to be valid.

The walk should supersede the talk, the walk, then the talk is the result of an experience and is valid. The walk is experience

the talk is knowledge. Talk without experience lacks authority. It may have a certain amount of credibility because the person the information was received from, may have experienced what they were talking about.

An example, last year I walked the French Way Camino. A book was written as a guide by John Brierley, it was an account of his walking the Camino. This was his truth. If someone read his book and learned about the Camino, for them, it would not be truth and would lack validity or authority. I walked the route, my talk about the route would be authoritative because of my experience. My experience has no validity for another person, it can encourage or challenge but for another person they have to walk it themselves to make it real

Words make nothing realistic, experience does.

When we try to understand the spiritual which is an energy force, it is necessary to use words, but they lack reality unless a person has experienced the spiritual. The spiritual can be and is experienced in different ways.

An experience is very personal.

In our society most people and especially science find anecdotal evidence to have very little or no value. Because it is impossible to understand another persons experience, it is discounted or ignored. In many cases an attempt will be made to discount that person’s experience and have them second guess themselves. If a second person can make the first person second guess their own spiritual experience, the value of the personal experience is immediately weakened or sometimes destroyed.

The other method that can be used by a second and is very effective, is to get the first person to relate the experience to someone or something, immediately the spiritual value it was intended for is lost.

Getting To Know You

My understanding of the neurotransmitter, it connects with our five senses, which are all external and naturally connect with something or someone, we use words to describe what is taking place.

That will fit with the mind which is the “I” and as we saw before, the mind is a spirit because of the ability to leave the body.

“Think of the person sitting at a desk in their office, their mind is out on the golf course, where they just hit a hole in one. Reality steps in, the brain is at the desk, the mind was out on the golf course.”

The mind is an energy force or spirit that centers on and around our person. The mind uses the brain to store information and the “mindset” is established. Because it uses the brain for storage and the brain is physical, we think we are physical beings. It was actually a spirit that made us think we are physical.

Now that technology can measure brain waves, it is found that the neuromodulator is activated through romantic love and this connection creates a brain wave similar to a person high on cocaine. It gives the person a high or a euphoria. One is self-imposed and is addictive the other is natural and non-addictive. It's all about 'YOU'

The romantic love is with our inner self, not with someone other than ourselves, because if it was connected to an outside force. It immediately moves from the neuromodulator to the neurotransmitter and what the connection was intended for is lost. The connection through the neuromodulator was the connection with “YOU.” It is the connection with our true selves.

Connections that come through our mind are only perceptions of who we are because it always relates to something outside ourselves. We rely heavily on that aspect because we believe that is our true self. It is so fragile, if someone speaks negatively of us we are hurt, if they speak positively of us we are happy. It is not our true self, it is only a perception. We perceive that is who we are from what others say. That is why I asked myself,”Who Am I?”

The connection that comes with romantic love is our true self. We connect or fall in love with ourselves. That is the Higher Power that dwells within us.

We now have experienced unconditional love and if we can love ourselves unconditionally we can love anyone.

The benefits of that connection, it takes away the negative things from the past that so often encapsulates us. With that gone, fear is far less prevalent and it is much easier to dwell in the moment. For me, the realization that there was an inner self caused me to change my question from “Who am I?” to Who are You?” It has been and is very much an enlightening journey.

Summary To Date Of “The You.”

Several of my posts that have been written, up to this point, on the “you” process, have looked at the fact that it is a process and realize that it takes time. It has to have a beginning and an ending.

So far you may have thought this is too deep or I’m not sure where this is going. As I mentioned in the beginning I don’t have the answer for you. I was taught in public speaking, the ideal is to have an introduction, three points and a conclusion, so people always know where you are going or understand what you want to accomplish.

I am not interested in you knowing where I am going, my interest and purpose of this blog is that “YOU know where your are going.” If you have questions about life, you will find all the answers you are looking for.

My goal to this point, has not been to frustrate you, but to challenge you to think about what I am saying, Only the “you” will open up your mind to good honest lateral thinking and it will take time for that to happen. Initially give the benefit of the doubt to yourself. I’m sure there are times when your gut tells you something is right or not right. That direction is available to you all the time, and will never let you down.

I do hope you see at this point that neither religion nor science can give you an answer, but both combined can certainly help you to understand and appreciate yourself.

Understanding and appreciating yourself, is the first step in understanding and appreciating those around you. It encourages you to keep on that path that you are now on.

Posts from this point on will mostly center on my own life experiences that has brought me to this point. This has been the you process for me. It is simply to help the “you” process for you.

There is a beginning, a way and a destination. Along the way there are hills to climb, valley’s to descend into, sunshine to enjoy and rain to contend with. Some days you may have thunder and lightening or even hail, but you will know how to protect yourself.

If this is the first post of this blog that you have read, I encourage you to read the previous posts. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about don’t despair, but do think about and reason through some things I’m saying.

If you have questions or comments on this post or any other post to this point, I would love to hear from you.



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