Do You Fear a Spiritual Journey?

There are many views, and I might say misnomers, of what a spiritual journey is. If a person decides to take a spiritual journey, it is necessary to take a leaf of faith.

The first misnomer that has to be addressed, faith is blind.
The Leap of Faith

Faith is not blind.

The second misnomer, when we speak of faith we are automatically pointing to organized religion. It may have to do with a belief system or rules that I have to abide by, to be accepted into that privileged group.

It has nothing to do with organized religion.

The leap of faith is a personal choice that a person makes. It centers around a path or journey that a person will take. It is a process and as we said in a previous post, a process takes time.

In this post, the invitation is “Let’s go on a spiritual journey,” if we understood some components of that journey, it would not be fearful.

Ordinarily it can be somewhat fearful or misunderstood would better address the situation. It is automatically associated with religion or in some instances with a malevolent spirit.

We all fear the unknown and fear will automatically incapacitate a person. That is why a person has a mindset, it is their comfort zone and they are afraid to leave it, matter a fact they can’t leave it. It can be covered over. If you put rose petals on a pile of garbage, does that change anything? Not really, it tends to make it appear beautiful, but underneath you still have garbage, so really nothing of any significance has changed.

Why is Spiritual Sometimes Misunderstood?

When spirit is mentioned, the first thought is God or the Devil, that has been given to us through religion. One would invoke love the other fear.

Everyone has the line drawn in the sand where they stand. Some are a big supporter of God and others are as vehemently against God as others are for. Neither are going to do justice to the intent of a spiritual journey if you hold to “for or against.”

The Proper attitude is not “for or against.

In a previous post, I brought up the subject of a lateral thinker, that allows you to think outside the box. The main thing is you are thinking, you are reasoning, listening to both sides of the story and not taking a stand for either. It is about you, so you listen to both arguments and decide what applies to you.

When you are open to listening to both and weighing the pros and cons of both, you come to your own decision. You may find that both have contributed to your conclusion. I have come to the conclusion that no one is one hundred per cent right and no one is one hundred per cent wrong. Therefore, I can learn something from everyone.

The main reason the spiritual journey is misunderstood because it is related to a word or a name. A spiritual journey has to do with a spirit.

A spirit is an energy force.

You can’t see, touch or learn an energy force, but you can experience it. Think about this, if you can’t see or touch a spirit but you can experience it, than you have to rise above the word, wither it is God or the Devil.

If the mind conjures up the thought that one is for good and the other for evil or one is for love and the other for fear. We are on the wrong track, if we love and have fear, we are double minded and not reliable.

I mentioned in the beginning that we have to be honest with ourselves. Now is the time to be honest, if we see remnants of both love and fear.

The attitude should not be”for or against”, it should be “I AM.

“I am” means you are complete, that is a bold statement. Nevertheless, that is the result of getting to know the true “YOU” what this blog is about. When you are complete, you will not take from anyone, but at the same time you can give to anyone. Your cup is full and running over, you can give away what is running over and it won’t affect you negatively.

Why Go On a Spiritual Journey?

The main reason for going on a spiritual journey, the fact is we are already on one. Your first thought to that statement is no, I’m physical and I have to decide if I go on a spiritual journey.

In our mind we think our journey is physical. Let’s take a look at the mind for a moment. In the dictionary it is almost impossible to determine if the mind and the brain are separate.

An analogy I have used to help determine the separateness of the mind and the brain. A golfer is in the office, looking out the window, and has a certain excitement because he/she just hit a hole in one. Reality sets in and the person is sitting at the office desk, daydreaming. The mind was out on the green, the brain was in the office, they are definitely separate. Furthermore, because the mind was away from the body, it has to be a spirit or an energy force.

The mind relies on the brain, where it stores information, possibly for future use. The mind and the brain are so closely aligned, we think we are on a physical journey because the brain is physical.

It’s the mind that is controlling the brain and the mind is spiritual, so we are on a spiritual journey, even if we are not aware of it, this is the spiritual walk by default, this is the “I.”

We also have a soul, the soul is our inner self. I have heard people say I don’t know if I have a soul or I don’t believe in that. It makes no difference if we believe it or not, if our heart is still beating we have a soul. If the heart stops beating, then the soul is gone.

Now comes the catalyst on a spiritual journey, choice. We can now decide which spiritual journey we which to take. The mind’s pursuit is knowledge and the souls’ pursuit is truth.

This blog is about “YOU,” the pursuit of YOU is truth.

The one thing we all have in common is choice. The reality of choice, it’s personal, no one can make a choice for us. When we grasp what choice is, we realize it brings a consequence. We can’t blame anyone if things don’t work out. We chose, and we have to accept the consequence of that choice.

What Are The Benefits Of a Spiritual Walk?

We now have a choice between “I” which is knowledge or “You” which is truth.

You may now be able to recognize what we said in an earlier post “a knowledge based society, but an experience based people. “I” will focus on knowledge and “You” will focus on truth.

You cannot learn truth, but you can experience it. That is why I said, I don’t have the answer, but you do. Our experiences, good or bad have a purpose, it’s to bring us to truth, and truth will set us free. No amount of knowledge will set us free, it builds up our ego and it is quite possible to believe that we are something that we are not.

To seek truth is not going to be the norm. The difference is between I and You. I will always be dictating in one way or another. You will be listening. You is looking for direction, I is giving direction.

If someone has experienced what they are speaking about, that is their truth, many times we can pick up a gem from what they are saying, it depends where we are on our journey. We have to always realize that no one can walk our path for us, we have to walk it alone, but companions can encourage, challenge and comfort us on the journey we take.

It’s a Beautiful Walk In The Park.

If we choose the “you” spirit, our inner self, it leads us to truth and truth sets us free. What does that mean, it means we have love, joy, peace and comfort. Not many people would be unhappy with that.

That walk will definitely have its ups and downs. “I” will want to control and will constantly be attacking but “you” is the more powerful spirit and can overcome everything that “I” will send at you. There will be the path of doubt, anger, or fear, but all the time the spirit of “You” is leading to a place where you can actually enjoy this world to its’ fullest. 

If you have questions or comments on this post, or any other post, I would appreciate them. I have been told it is deep, but it is not something I learned academically, so I feel anyone can know this, because we all have a powerfull inner self and will use our brain for what it was intended, to process information and to reason things through.

I will endeavour to post weekly, it will bring in many of my experiences that has given me the understanding of what I write about and hopefully can encourage or challenge you on your journey of light.






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