MetamorphosisThe process

As a person gets older change is the one thing that no one welcomes, yet no two days are alike. If it was possible when we reached a certain age or stage in our life, we would like to stay there.

It is almost as if we do not realize the secret of metamorphosis in our own life.

As a child, for the most part, fear is not on the agenda. As we grow older, fear can become a major part of our agenda, fear of failure, fear of not getting a job, fear of growing old, fear of not having enough money.

I could go on and on, but you get the gist of where I’m coming from. Fear is why a person has a mindset, fear incapacitates and makes it almost impossible to step outside the box. Doing different things is not necessarily stepping outside the box, it may be doing the same thing a different way, hence the same result.

You saw the change from a child to an adult, was it a positive change?

There are things we do not notice, but is happening regardless. This should get us to stop and think about change and the results or consequences.

My question to myself, is there a secret that could change me from a caterpillar to a butterfly?

Like the caterpillar, we too, are a part of nature.

Working long hours, to get ahead, or that was how I coined it, my goals whether I admitted or not was to be wealthy. Initially, I equated wealth with money and success.

Then there came a point where I had to ask myself some very difficult questions or perhaps one soul-searching question.

What is wealth?

The more I asked myself that question, the harder it became to justify everything I had done and was doing. I knew what it was to have plenty of money and what it was to have very little. I have to admit I was happier with less.

Eventually I realized that with or without money, success as a person has nothing to do with money, all it could provide was a false sense of security.

I have gone through three major life changing events in my life, a son, a husband and a father. I am the same person but three very distinct and different roles. I went through a metamorphosis in each instance. Was it painful, I could answer that yes and no, yet it did bring me a sense of accomplishment or fulfillment.

But there was still something missing.

I will follow the transformation of a Caterpillar into a Butterfly and in some ways equate it to my life and some struggles involved.

The Caterpillar.The caterpillar

That was the time of my life when I was carrying out my responsibilities as a son, husband and father. I’m super busy all the time. Not so much so as a son, but certainly as a husband and a father.

There were so many things going on, I needed many legs to get me through all the responsibilities. When I think of it now, so much of that time was like the caterpillar, my effort was looking for food and eating, for myself and my family.

When I was caring for my late wife, I began to do a lot of soul-searching. I was no longer in the limelight of the business world. I no longer had to measure up to someone’s standards or try to impress to get ahead. I was no longer performing.

When I was doing those things, I never ever thought of it as performing, it was the day to day routines of work, sleep and play, you will notice play is on the end.

So often I hear people say I would like to get out of the nine to five routine and work for myself, most of the time I was working for myself, but it wasn’t nine to five, it was more like seven to nine, not five days a week but six and sometimes seven. The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence, but it is not always greener

Even when I was sleeping or holidaying, I was thinking about business. I did not hate my work, matter of fact, for the most part, I loved it. I was what I did.

Did I realize that? No!

Now, looking back, more than I realized it, I was building a self-centered world for myself, oh! I never looked at it that way. I always thought of it, as for the family. I was great at deceiving myself.

I had not used my brain for its intended purpose, I had been building a small world that centered around my success, I never gave much thought to consequences, every choice gives an action and every action brings a consequence.

My journey of enlightenment began in earnest, two weeks before my wife passed away and has been ongoing since that time.

This journey has involved my brain, more than ever. In previous posts, I mentioned the power of the mind, it has the uncanny ability of telling us everything is OK, until some sort of set back or tragedy hits us.

We wake up, reality sets in, now it is necessary to deal with the situation, the mind is no where to be found. The brain kicks in and helps us deal with the situation.

That was where I was, when my wife was in palliative care. All the things that I thought were important were no longer important. I was dealing with each day as it happened. I was not living in the past, nor was I living for tomorrow. I was redeeming the time “today.”

The Chrysalis.The Chrysalis

The chrysalis is like a cocoon that the butterfly is encased in. That cocoon, in away, is the result of the work and effort of the caterpillar.

Is it a waste of the caterpillar’s effort, not at all, it is part of nature unfolding its purpose, through the process.

Two important things I came to realize during that period.

First, everything up to that period was not a waste, there was a purpose. The only problem, I did not get the benefit of that part of my journey, I was not living for today. I never stopped to reason through what and why of the things that were happening at the moment.

When I was younger I was living for or centered on tomorrow, when I got older I began, without realizing it, centering on yesterday.

Second, I missed the purpose of most everything that had taken place in my life up to that point. I focused on my success and tried to block out my failures. I didn’t want to talk about them.

Looking back, I was ashamed of my failures. I was what I did and God forbid if I had a failure, that would make me a failure.

Failure is only a word, it is not a condition.

Failure is a part of the equation to get us ready for another step up, as a person. We actually grow through our failures.

It is part of building the chrysalis, keeping it soft and pliable and getting us ready for the next big move in our life.

The analogy I sometimes use, again taken from nature, as we also are a part of nature. “The weather,” it has two main components’ rain and sunshine. The rain, is negative, it is the failures, the sunshine is the positives, the successes.

Rain gives the growth, sunshine solidifies the growth, the rain also helps us enjoy the sunshine to the fullest. Think what happens if we have no rain, desert. All rain and no sunshine, everything spoils. We need balance to get us to our destination.

I had very little balance, it took a severe situation to shock me or bring me into the present, so I could deal with life on a moment by moment basis. It softened up the chrysalis and helped get me ready for another step in my journey of enlightenment.

The Butterfly.The butterfly

The caterpillar crawls around the ground looking for food, preparing for the chrysalis. Out of the chrysalis will emerge a beautiful butterfly. The butterfly will mount up with wings and be no longer tied to the ground. It will be able to fly through the air with the greatest of ease.

FREE from being earthbound as a caterpillar and the restrictions of the chrysalis.

I began to realize, and this was a slow process, that my chrysalis or cocoon was my mindset, while it could be a comfortable situation, it kept me contained into a very small area.

I wanted to spread my wings and fly, to be in the world but not off it.

Slowly I began to realize with much help from my Inner-Self that this is possible, for this to happen I had to let go of everything that I thought was important and open myself up to a whole new path or way.

It was necessary to get out of this chrysalis, for this to happen it was the life inside that was going to take me out of this bondage that was so constraining. The life is in the butterfly, the chrysalis is only a shell that has to be shed for the freedom that is necessary to fly.

For so long I had been relying on the chrysalis and when I began to think about it, that was what was keeping me from spreading my wings.

Now came a whole new learning process, the life is in the butterfly. I now have to rely on the butterfly to get me out of this chrysalis, that is almost like reverse osmosis, that never happened overnight. It took time but gradually the butterfly life begin to release me from the chrysalis.

I am not out of the chrysalis, but it is braking down. I have no fear of what is taking place, it is part of the process. I have a good idea of what is taking place, but I am constantly reminded, I am the chrysalis, its the butterfly that does the work, so I have to be patient and am patient.

There are many things I understand, that I never did, some of it came from books, some from other people, but everything was the result of the butterfly, so my purpose can be manifested. I am a part of nature and it is amazing what we can learn from nature.

My greatest blessing has been, “You don’t learn life, you live it.” I wasted so much time trying to learn it.

I will follow up on this post with, “breaking out of the chrysalis”, but my next post because it is near Valentine’s Day is going to be on LOVE. In my journey one of my greatest blessings understanding what TRUE LOVE really is.
If you enjoy this post would you pass it on to someone that you might think would be interested.

I am going to leave you with a poem that was written by a lady in my writing class, she has graciously given me permission to post it in my blog. This lady knew very well what it was to live in the moment, because of very severe health issues.


If I could spend one precious day

The Universe as my teacher

I’d learn to live the Butterfly Way

I’d emulate that creature


I’d treat each moment on this earth

As a present to be treasured

Developing my own sense of worth

By which I may be measured


I’d learn to trust in nature’s law

And gladly I’d surrender

To the notion of a life before

Yet one I can’t remember


In my world of peace and beauty

I’d strive for full potential

Seeking purpose as my duty

A quest that is essential


On my butterfly wings so brightMy butterfly wings

I’d push life to the limit

Unafraid of death or night

And growing strong in spirit


Risking all with courage and love

I’d soar beyond reason’s range

Flying free in a space above

Awaiting the imminent change


And if my time on earth were brief

Lasting just one splendid day

There’d be no time or need for grief

When I lived the butterfly way 


May this be an inspiration to you as it has been to me.

I will see you in my next post on “TRUE LOVE” and if you want to share it with a friend its

I welcome all comments and or questions, just leave them below and I will reply.

Until next time

Be Happy








25 Replies to “The Secret-Caterpillar To A Butterfly”

  1. I’m sorry for hearing that your beloved wife has passed away. Everything happens for a reason, and you know it. 

    I enjoyed your post and thank you for the wonderful inspiration you gave. It’s a nice analogy and I can relate to it. I feel like I’m going through the same stages right now, and I thank you for illustrating what the chrysalis mean to our life. It’s like a mindset that limits us, but soon we are going to break free from it and live like a butterfly. 

    I will check here again, I’m excited to read your another post, this time related to Valentine’s.

  2. Wow, what an inspirational story of an evolution. A magical metaphor of a person’s life. I never really saw it that way until you painted that image in my head. It’s beautiful, I wish I could take the time to sit down and appreciate the tiny moments. It’s a beautiful moment the way that you have laid out. 

    What a magnificent parallel you have placed on my life. Thank you.

  3. What a beautiful and touching article! I love the way you compare our life to the one of a butterfly which first is a caterpillar and then waits in the chrysalis in order to break out, fly and be free. I can sense the maturity of life and the emotional intelligence out of this post which both are definitely within you. I think that in many ways we humans can learn and see synchronicities in nature, as a matter of fact, we also are a part of nature. This comparison will stick with me and whenever I feel “stuck” I will think about it. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. What a beautiful and touching article! I love the way you compare our life to the one of a butterfly which first is a caterpillar and then waits in the chrysalis in order to break out, fly and be free. I can sense the maturity of life and the emotional intelligence out of this post which both are definitely within you. I think that in many ways we humans can learn and see synchronicities in nature, as a matter of fact, we also are a part of nature. This comparison will stick with me and whenever I feel “stuck” I will think about it. Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. As human change is something no one can run from. Things must evolve, life must evolve, one must grow old. 

    As far as we are part of nature change is a must so we should not be scared of change.

    If metamorphosis does not take place then a lot of things will not take happen like growing old and having children.

  6. I really like this motivating article. One thing that is constant in life is change. I like the scenario used to explain this review; from caterpillar to butterfly. And wealth is not to be measured by the amount of money one has, success is not based on this criteria. This review is really an eye opener to much of the opportunity that await us if we can change our mindset. Thank you for this insightful review. 

  7. Just wow! I was so engaged I wished it would never finish.

    It is genuine learning from a life (+ the poem at the end), teaching to myself and asking the question to myself am I caterpillar or butterfly or inside the chrysalis!  It was intriguing.

    I will evaluate where actually I am but not sure right now. I am backing up to see my life but not very much comfortable moving from where I am. 

    I love the verbiage- Failure is a condition- Yes you are so much true. It changes us, can depress us, but growth occurs here.

    Loved the terms rain and sunshine feeling like I am listening to Jim Rohn. 

    “You don’t learn life, you live it.”- is my takeaway today.

    Thank you for offering such a post to the world. I would wait for the next one.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed the post, it is so true failure is only a word but we have a tendency to treat it as a condition. It tends to bring fear in our life.

      Thank you for the comments, I wish you well.

  8. Thanks for sharing your journey of life. As I read through, I could sense your emotions 

    and how you have been able to live above your fears. I see you as an amazing super

    man. I see life as an equilibrium that must be balanced . People may think that money could 

    bring  happiness they desire but that is never true . I think every stage of our life, we should 

    enjoy and love it to the fullest because tomorrow can never be the same, we are born to live and 

    an inevitable end for all. I will like to share your post to people out there who need to keep strong no 

    matter what life offers, so sorry to hear about the loss of your wife but happy with you how you resolve to

    move on ,no matter what- Thank you

    1. Thank you Stella, the life I’m talking about is available to anyone who want it. There is a cost but it is well worth it.

  9. Thanks so much for writing this article. I know for me, fear has played a large roll in my life in the past and prevented me from making progress. I have begun to work against those fears and and starting to finally see results. 

    Thank you also for sharing a little of your story. We really don’t know what life will throw at us. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the every day rush that we forget to just stop and appreciate what we have and who we are. This is a great reminder for me to not get caught up in that rush. Be well!

  10. The secret of a caterpillar Is more or the reflection of the my life I have seen done and failed most of the time I tried to make my life better forgetting I am not a lone ignoring what is happening around me ignore the great joy live bring and trying to make money so I can leave this 9to 5 rat race as you said the grass is still very green inthe orther side so my be I am on the first stage of caterpillar or second stage of chrysalis.But one thing IAM sure of I am going to a butterfly soon and then metamorphosis will be completed.

  11. You are really good with words I must say. Life is made up of different phases, each with it’s own struggle, it’s a constant advancement. We all grow, develop, create and advance. As we keep on proceeding onward throughout everyday life, we move starting with one phase in life then onto the next one but when we all realizes that we don’t have to put too much pressure on ourselves but learn to live life and have fun the better for us.

  12. I can easily relate with your article. I can’t remember ever experience morbid fear as a kid. Now, as an adult, I constantly battle social anxiety disorder. There are many times I avoided certain place and situations for fear of being scrutinized by others.Change is inevitable and how we approach it matters. I used to worry a lot about getting enough money to take care of myself and my parents. Now my priorities have changed somewhat. Thanks for introducing me to the butterfly’s way of life. Now my life can be more purposeful as I learn to embrace situations as they come and be weighed down by seeming failures.

  13. Very inspiring post. You sure have given me a lot to ponder on.

    They say that one of the things in life that remains constant is CHANGE. Whether we like it or not, we will have to undergo change so we have to be ready when it happens. Don’t we all wish we could be children forever so we do not have to worry about so many things like the ones you mentioned? 

    You’re absolute right, change is almost always painful and that is why most people do not want to go through it. This includes losing a loved one. I know exactly how you feel about your wife’s passing. When my dad passed away while I was working on a project overseas, I felt like the world came crashing down on me and I was shattered into pieces. I knew he has gone into a better place but I regret not telling him how much I loved him before getting on that flight.

    Looking back, I now realized how that tragedy has helped mold me into the kind of person that I am today. Indeed, things happen for a reason so let us not make the mistake of overlooking the purpose behind everything that’s going on in our life. It’s not a bad thing to mourn and take a step back but we have to come to the realization that something else that’s far more beautiful will come out of that. A caterpillar metamorphosing into a beautiful butterfly is a perfect example of how change can bring about something better and greater.

    Thank you!

    1. Alice, my post may have been inspiring to you, and I’m happy that it was.

      But your response was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. You found the strength to turn your tragedy into a blessing and that makes me happy.

      If people only knew how blessed those so called terrible times can be, if we only go to our Inner Self.

      Thank You so much.

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