Revelation.Out of the Universe

The purpose of “The You Process” blog, is to help anyone interested in knowing themselves better by my relating some of my experiences. They are not meant to be a guide but rather to encourage and challenge you.

What I am about to do in this post is explain my revelation. The Secret revealed, is and was for me, but similar or not so similar occurrences in your life could have similar revelations for you.

This post is a continuation of my journey, this is the third post on that personal journey. The length may seem long, but it is important to remember the time frame is well, in excess of sixty years.

When the account of my journey is completed, perhaps two or three more posts, I will go into more detail of things that were understood by me, which hopefully will encourage you to take a similar journey.

My attitude and approach to everything about myself, the world around me and people, have changed in a very dramatic way, in a very positive manner.

Before continuing my journey, I want to comment on “revelation.”

The oxford dictionary definition, the one I like best is “the Divine or supernatural disclosure to humans of something relating to human existence.”

In this instance any disclosure to human existence is personal, when the Devine discloses something it is for the distinct purpose of strengthening the faith of that person and encourage them to continue on their journey.

The other part of that dictionary definition to consider is “supernatural.”

We again go back to the Oxford dictionary “an event or manifestation attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature.”

When we move outside our understanding there is a reluctance or fear of the unknown. It is necessary to put that aside and welcome the unknown, it opens a whole new world.

In breaking down the word supernatural, it’s not as fearful as we have been led to believe, “super” large or powerful, “natural,” the norm.

When you think of it that way in respect to yourself, “a more powerful person.”

Any problem with that?

The Journey Continues.

In my previous post I mentioned meeting Sandra on February 17.

Earlier that week I was speaking with my daughter Kim, she was just getting over cancer and a divorce, I invited her to dinner for Valentine’s Day, she accepted.

At dinner, she asked me, if I was considering another lady friend.

I said no, I don’t think so, I’m happy the way things are.

I did not think I would find another lady like my late wife.

Kim felt it would be good for me to have a lady friend, I politely disagreed with her.

That was Tuesday, on Friday I met Sandra. I had guests coming the following day at the B&B, so I decided to go home instead of staying over for the night. On my way home, I thought about Sandra, I enjoyed dancing with her that evening.

Friends of mine arrived the next day. During our conversations that weekend I mentioned Sandra, they were saying you should call her. I didn’t have her number but they pressed me to get it. I called Sandra’s friend, she gave me Sandra’s work and home number. (with Sandra’s approval)

When speaking with Sandra’s friend, I also asked her to ask Sandra, if she would like to go for lunch with me on Tuesday.

She said, yes.

When Tuesday came I wasn’t sure I wanted to go, I guess I got cold feet. I called Sandra and apologized. She was very gracious about it, we talked for sometime, the conversation went very well, so much so I called her at home that night and each night that week. On Saturday I invited her to a dance, she accepted.

It was late when we returned from the dance and I had a two-hour drive to get back home. She invited me to stay, she had a spare room, so I accepted.

The next morning both of us are in the kitchen, she is preparing breakfast for me. I am preparing a lunch for her, she is going cross-country skiing, I’m going home.

When I am leaving, she walked me to the door.

I held her in my arms and said “I love you.”

This was as much a surprise to me as it was to Sandra.

I said to her, I want you to process this, I won’t call you this week, you can call me if you wish. She called every day.

I mentioned in an earlier post, that sometimes we have something in our heart that is not in our head, this was another example of that. I had not thought of what I said to Sandra, it just came out. Was it a mistake, I doubt it.

A Conundrum.

It was two months later that I proposed to Sandra, she was positive towards my proposal, but wanted to give it more time. I explained to Sandra my Journey of Enlightenment and about “The Secret.”

She did not want to hear about it, this frustrated me and caused me to reconsider if I wanted to go ahead with marriage.

I knew she was my soulmate from the first couple of weeks that I met her. I experienced a euphoria similar to what I had experienced with Norma.

This caused me to do much soul-searching. My question to my inner-self centered around what I had experienced with two different ladies. Why was the experience so similar, when those two people were different in many ways.

Finally, understanding, it was not about either of the ladies, but about myself, the connection was with me.

I knew what the secret was and was afraid I would lose it, this was the sweet spot in my life and I did not want to let it go. This was now the third time that I had experienced this type of revelation, each time I had lost the connection, or so I thought.

Each time I had attributed my connections first to Norma and then to the church. This experience was to be different.

Help from my inner self, made me realize I had to grow up, not from without but from within.

Sandra had given me several books that she had read. One was “Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield, as I read this book, I was excited because most everything James Redfield spoke about I had already experienced. There were areas where I realized I needed to grow more. Then there was the book by Dr. Norman Doidge and “The Brain that changes itself.” In his chapter on love the neurotransmitter and neuromodulator explanations was a tool in helping me understand my experiences with Norma and Sandra.

The books that Sandra was reading was a further confirmation that she was in some way tuned to where I was coming from or wanted to be. She had no problem with my direction, matter of fact she encouraged me to continue my journey, she didn’t want me to talk about to her.

Sandra also had a book entitled “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne it was like her bible. I understood perfectly well what the book was saying, it was in a way part of my everyday living.

What I could not understand was how she could get so much out of that book and not understand what I was saying, it was so similar.

Sandra was very obstinate and unwilling to listen to what I was saying, this frustrated me to no end.

What am I going to do?

The Answer.

A year and a half later Sandra said she was ready to get married, I wasn’t sure I was. I communed with my Inner-self looking for an answer and was satisfied that it was OK to go ahead with the marriage.

I said to her, “I can’t give you my heart and I don’t want yours.”

I have since learned in a very real way through my various experiences and with some reasoning, that the secret is that, a secret, it has nothing to do with anyone except myself, not even my wives.

It was and is an experience that I enjoy daily, it has more to do with my heart then my head.

My relationship with Sandra has grown almost as my relationship with myself has grown.

In realizing the secret within me, that secret is within everyone and has encouraged me to write this blog, but as I have said, it is a personal revelation.

While Norma believed strongly in the secret but would not listen to me, so it was with Sandra, she as well would not listen to me.

I now consider myself blessed in having had two very strong women in my life, that forced me to deal with myself by myself.

Day by day my relationship with myself is growing, and as I said, with Sandra as well.

She said to me, “both Norma and I would not buy your bulls–t, you had to deal with it yourself” That was and is so true.

For Now.

Sandra and I celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary this year, the relationship has been growing. My relationship with myself continues to grow. The secret is not what I thought it was, it is so much more.

I no longer have to deal with expectations for myself, I have found a comfort that in many ways I did not think was possible, there is still more to my journey, I look forward to each day with an anticipation.

Again, I have to reiterate, those have been my experiences and the revelation that came from them, were for me.

My thought and prayer is that you may be encouraged to assess your life and your life experiences to learn more about yourself. I thought I knew myself, boy was I wrong.

In my next post I will expand on the experiences, reasonings and time frame that was involved, for me to come to this point in my life. I will also give you more of an overview of things you can expect if you decide to take “A Journey of Enlightenment” to find “The Secret” within yourself.

It is a process and the process is about YOU.

I appreciate any and all comments on this post and if you enjoyed or related to or was challenged in any way, I would encourage you to read some of my previous posts.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them for you.

Have a great day.

33 Replies to “The Secret-Revealed”

  1. Hello and thank you for this inspiring and encouraging post Rusell. I really had an amazing time reading it. I can tell you that things that are worth do not come fast or are obtained fast. Anything worth takes time accomplishing and I think this is what happend to you and Sandra. I am really glad that you are still together up to this day. This testifies to you your true love.


    1. Thank you for your comments.

      True, anything worthwhile does take time to mature..

      Nature is a perfect teacher to us for that purpose.

  2. Thank you for sharing this insightful article 

    This is an outblowing secret….  No one can be compared to me because i am the most important person God has ever created

    I appreciate you providing series of case studies . May God bless your knowledgeI look forward to reading your other articles about growing

    1. Thank you, I hope my next posts, which are an unveiling of my life and the twists and turns that got me to where I could write this can be of help to you in your journey.

  3. You have successfully discovered some secrets about yourself which is vivid and you have also unveiled it for us to read and learn as it may be applied or alligne in our everyday life or past life and so we can have a way to deal with it. Yes, in whatever challenge or circumstances, I always tell my self that I am supernatural because He who created me is super natural.

  4. This is really insightful. Thank you for sharing this. Truly most times we don’t want something in our head but our hearr wants that  it was when you held Sandra and told her you loved her. But she doesn’t wanna hear your secret must due to the fact that he doesn’t wanna lose you because what she might hear from you might be hard on her to forget about it and might be tormenting her going into marriage with you. But you really wanted to let her hear you for the sake of your inner peace. That’s truly the conundrum. But happily staying with her after five years is really loving

  5. Hi Russell,

    Such an amazing post you got here, This is so chock full of useful comparisons I can relate to my own experiences and also to dig deep and start utilizing the lessons I will be getting from the writeup.

    I think you are doing a great job generally of being visible on the blogging space, your work is going to be amazing and helpful.

    1. Thanks Ayodeji, I am delighted for you.

      My purpose is to give back some of the things that have been so generously given to me.

  6. Honestly this is the best blog post I have stumbled on today and I find this highly interesting and motivating. Thanks for sharing your experience on here and congratulations on your wedding anniversary with Sandra. I think you owe Sandra and Norma alot for your self development journey. Where can I get a copy of James book “Celestial Prophecy “I have this feeling that I need it also. 

    1. Thanks Clement, I am glad you were motivated by my post. Yes, the women did have a lot to do with my self-development.

       Eventually, I had to realize that this journey was by myself, they were companions along the way, just as books can be as well.

      There are so many people and things put in our way to encourage, challenge and believe it or not sometimes make us angry to have us push on in our journey of enlightenment.

      You can get the “Celestine Prophecy” at Amazon, I guess I should have a link to it, sorry.  

  7. Congratulation on celebrating the fifth year anniversary with you and Sandra. My husband John and I will be celebrating our fifth year anniversary this year as well but we still have many months to go. I am still learning and getting to know myself, it is a daily process. I also make sure that I do one thing a day to make myself happy. I also try to tell my husband how much I appreciate him, it is something that I learned from a podcast, Brendon Burchard, check him out the guy is so positive and I love his energy. Cannot wait to read the journey to enlightenment. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      Keep on doing one thing a day or even up it to make yourself happy. Life is a journey, everyday has a specific purpose, find it and embrace it.

  8. I enjoyed your post, Russell. I can relate to strong women as you described. They are comfortable with their decision not to talk about your secret. Yet, knowing you have a secret. I am comfortable with myself in not sharing innermost thoughts or secrets. My fear, first of all, is my inability to communicate it sufficiently to a listener (my wife) so that she would understand. My second concern is whether she would understand given our education, emotional makeup, training, life experiences, past relationships or whether she would have the same perception and understanding I have of my own secret. 

    1. Glen as you open yourself up to your inner self, you don’t have to explain anything to your wife, she will know.

      I kind of found that out the hard way, when I would try and explain something to Sandra, she would say don’t tell me, show me.

      I found out that our energy speaks much louder than our words. Don’t talk the walk, walk the talk, then you don’t have to talk. I will cover that in a little more detail on an upcoming post on “love.”

  9. I am sorry about the lose of your wife, it feels bad to lose the mother of your child. I think you have goodhearted women in your life and great friends too.Why do you keep attracting women like Norman? Maybe the answer is in the secret and I’d like to know the secret if you would share it. Unlike Sandra, I will listen, I want to know.

    1. Thank you for the comment.

      I indeed have been blessed with the women in my life.

      The answer is in the secret, like me, finding the secret for yourself is a personal journey, you can’t learn it, it comes through revelation, it you desire it. It takes time but you have the patience.

  10. Wow, I am amazed at the depth of your personal journey and experience through life, It is quite interesting. The book Celestine prophecy Is my favourite book when it comes to getting spiritual insights and communing with one’s mind, it an awesome book. Soul searching and giving ourselves time to reflect reveals all things.I look forward to more write-ups from you

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      We do have a strong tendency to commune with the mind, but communing with the heart does give more insight to ourselves. There is a transition involved which is a process.

  11. Dear Russell,

    I enjoy reading your post. I am so happy to witness your love story. Best wishes for you and Sandra and I can see that you two are going to grow your deep relationship, which is not secret any more, but  a true revelation.

    It is indeed that in the love process the heart play more important role than head. It is apparent that the love is spontaneous from heart without complicated brain process.

    Thanks for sharing your story!


  12. This is very interesting and I am intrigued and want to hear more and to read the books you mentioned. I am wondering if these two women in your life refused to listen because they wanted you to stay in the present with them? Were they saying essentially, leave your baggage at the door? Will have to read more to find out.

  13. There are so many experiences we go through in life but we are too busy moving to the next task or target.
    This blocks us from knowing our true selves, our challenges or problems; and how to overcome them.
    I have read with much attention how family and friends can play their part in our lives and in making decisions that are life changing. And how much we gain when we pay attentions to ourselves.
    Thank you Russell for sharing.

  14. Our character is tested during trying moments.

    Russell, I have read with interest how events unfolded in your life and wondered how it would play for me if I was in your shoes. This has left me with a powerful lesson; Life goes on after any challenge no matter the magnitude. We just have give ourselves some time to reflect on matters to get the best way forward.

    Understanding ourselves requires a combination of factors like friends, family and challenging situations.

    This is an uplifting post.

    1. Thanks Edgar the challenging situations are the growing times, if we respond correctly.

      It doesn’t have to be that way but we are so pre-programed to a certain way, we have to run up against a brick wall to knock some direction in us.

  15. I found your subject to be very intriguing and interesting that the two women you loved expected you to deal with your own issues.  Sometimes as women we get so wrapped up in the problems of those we love that we take little time to deal with our own.  It is so much easier to oook out than in.  Our bodies are even built to look out.  I am looking forward to reading more of your story to see how it plays out, and to learn what I can from it that I can apply to my own life.  

  16. Quite an interesting read.  What resonated with me was your point: “sometimes we have something in our heart that is not in our head”.  Many times we long for something in our heart / soul that is hard to quantify in thoughts or put down in words.  Our soul is like a compass that gives us a bearing from where we are now to the direction we need to go…  The hard part is we don’t know when we will get there.

    I look forward to ready more of your story.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I agree with you “the soul is our compass.”

      All we have to do is listen to our heart and we can’t go wrong. The mind tries to block out the soul, that is why we don’t know when we will get there.

  17. Hi Russ,

    You have a thought provoking post .I do not think we have the answer to anyones secret. I think there is only one answer and that is the lover of our soul and I feel that much of our life for now is a mystery and I love a good mystery. The peace to me, comes more from the more I know about the lover of my soul.

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