Jouneying to the unknown

The first posts in this blog has either directly or indirectly referred to a spiritual journey. Quite often I have been asked what is a spiritual journey? In this post my desire is to be somewhat succinct in my description of a spiritual journey. It is a journey into the unknown but you will never regret it.

Because a spirit is an energy force, relevancy will center around experiences, which as you know are very personal. The experience will vary from person to person, while some experiences may have similarities they are all as different as our DNA.

Many times things happen in our lives that we either discount or rationalize and fail to receive the benefit that was intended.

In this post and future posts I will recount some of my experiences, not for you to learn anything from, that was for me, but something may connect with you and either challenge, encourage or may even make you angry. Whatever your response, ask yourself a question. Why this emotion?

We all have a preconceived idea of what a spiritual experience is, that perception can be our downfall and can continue to lead us astray in finding the full benefit of our daily experiences.

It is called the societal mindset.

This is a mindset learned from society, you may know it as following the crowd.

A true spiritual journey takes you on the road less traveled, and to a degree, by yourself, yet you are never alone because you have a friend that will stick closer then a brother. A friend you can count on especially in the difficult times.

When times are not difficult we feel we don’t need a friend, but we do, even if we don’t think so.

Identifying A Spirit.We have to experience the route

Previous posts mentioned “I”, “You”, relating to my physical self and my inner self, then “neurotransmitter,” and “neuromodulator,” the scientific description of the physical and an inner self. Next “God” and “Devil” religions description of the physical and inner self.

Those are words that try to tell us that we are dual people. None of them can aptly describe the reality of an experience.

All are words that attempt to describe to us a good spirit and a bad spirit or a spirit that will never let us down and a spirit that we can really depend on.

If there is a spirit we can depend on that will never let us down and a spirit who will let us down, we need to be able to identify both and make a choice.

The mind is a spirit that relies on our five senses and relays the information to our brain. The mind and the brain are so closely interrelated and because the brain is a physical part of our body, the natural inclination is to think we are physical beings.

We then have a perception of who we are, but it is based on what other people say about us. In other words we are at the mercy of those around us. If we are told we are a good person, we feel proud and good about ourselves, when we are told we are not a good person, it will cause us to try to prove otherwise or just feel bad about ourselves. Not a pleasant situation, but one for the most part we live with and accept as normal.

Our inner self is who we are, that is our soul, that is the part of us that we seldom rely on. We have so little relationship with that part of our being and are so dependent on what our five senses feed us, that we seldom get to know who we really are.

Making A Choice.

We all have the luxury of choice, with choice comes consequence.

When a person realizes and accepts the fact of choice, blame goes out the window. We are all responsible for the choices we make and if there is a consequence we don’t like, rather then blame someone or something, take responsibility, when we take responsibility, we are now on the path of having or finding who we really are.

There are only two choices, which should be relatively simple. The first choice is the mind, the second choice is the soul.

One spirit, the mind relies on others’, the soul relies on yourself, that sounds simple, it can be, but the mind exerts such power, we don’t want to leave that area. There is that innate desire to connect the experience with someone or something, when we do that we now have opened the door to blame.

One misty, foggy Friday afternoon in august when I was fifteen, I was heading home, after some target practice. I passed a girl that I attended school with the year before. I saw her every day, but that day was different. As I was approaching, I became acutely aware of her, so much so, that I felt I was blushing. From that moment on I wanted to date her, a year later I did take her on a date and three years later she became my wife. I was in love with her from that first moment on that foggy misty Friday afternoon. I gave her my heart and she gave me hers. We lived happily ever after, we were happily married by societies standards, but we did have our ups and downs. We were married for forty-seven years.

On that Friday afternoon I attributed that connection to my mind and because my mind relies on externalizes, I attributed that connection to that beautiful girl. The connection was actually in our souls, we were soul mates. It was fifty-four years later before I actually understood what had taken place. I connected with myself.

You may have heard, we have to love ourselves before we can truly love someone else.Decision Time

I had an opportunity to love myself that Friday afternoon but unaware of what true love was and how it comes about, I gave it away, my wife did the same thing. Now we each had a piece of the others’ heart and we would constantly want to take it back, that caused disagreements between us.

The mind, while it is a spirit but relies on the physical, does not respect the spiritual. It is so easy to see why so many people reject the spiritual or want nothing to do with it, the mind is set when it comes to anything spiritual. The mind will also tell us what the spiritual is, so we have something to relate to, when that happens we miss out, just as I did when I was fifteen.

The soul is a spirit, the difference, it always respects the physical. This makes for a balanced life between physical and spiritual. When the soul is in control it respects the body it is in, and will always respect others’ as well.

The result of choice, you may have heard, “my worst enemy is myself” that is the mind. “My best friend can be myself” that is the soul. It is the cohabitation of the two that causes the ups and downs of daily living. We take our best friend for granted and give all the respect to our enemy. Little wonder there may be days a person wished they had not gotten out of bed.

The Consequences Of Choice.

When the choice is made to follow our soul or our inner self, there is a growing period. Just as we grow up in the physical or the mind we have to grow in the soul or our heart. In some ways it is similar to growing in the physical.

Think of a child growing up, first the child will learn to crawl, then walk. The child may fall many times, but never gives up until it is steady on its feet.

Growing up spiritually is not that different, our inner self will do the work that needs to be done, when we did it ourselves we messed up. It is important to realize, it is our inner self, our soul, that will grow us up, because the connection is with ourselves. We will fall down, but we will get up again.

Just as we were encouraged by our parents when we were learning to walk. We will now be encouraged by our soul, that is our comfort.

It is not difficult to know who is in control in our life. We all have the ability to make a choice.

Some consequences of choosing the mind are fear, doubt, anxiety, anger, bitterness and regret, all the negative emotions that seem to overtake us at various times. The consequences of choosing the soul or our inner self is comfort, love, joy, peace and tolerance, many of the positive emotions that we enjoy and many times contribute to positive circumstances.

When we experience those positive attributes in the middle of a negative situation, you then realize there is a higher power that can actually override our greatest fears.

A Different Reality

Our societal mindset has us believing we are hard-wired for success, with that mindset we are afraid of, or try to avoid, if at all possible, failure. Fear incapacitates a person, the fear of failure is just as potent as failure itself.

Failure or fear of failure is what keeps a person from stepping outside their comfort zone. It is what causes the mindset and cuts us off from the positives that are there for everyone to embrace.

A child is not afraid of failure, the word is not in their vocabulary, if they are able to speak. That is how they learn to walk, fall down and get up, over and over until that learning process is over. No parent will say to their child when they fall down, you are a failure, they encourage them and keep encouraging them until the learning process of walking is over.

That is the reality of life, the child is enjoying life and taking it in stride, conquering new boundaries daily, until they reach a certain age and after being told not so much by words as by the surrounding energy. Don’t take too many chances you may fail, or play it safe you don’t want to fail.

The soul is life and you don’t learn life you live it. The mind says you have to learn how to live, don’t believe that, think of a child learning the process of walking.

Growing up in the spirit is a process as well.

Part of the process is accepting failure, reasoning it out and learning from it then moving on. The analogy from nature is rain and sunshine, both are necessary for proper growth. Failure is necessary for our proper growth. The mind fights against the soul in an attempt to continue the control it had, it still wants us to try at all cost to avoid failure.

Don’t listen to your mind, failure is only a word.

The inner self or the soul is the higher power and will overcome the mind, if we continue to believe in our inner self and give control to that power.

If you have any thoughts, comments or questions please don’t hesitate to let me know. I want to hear form you. Go to the comment section at the bottom of this post. I will get back to you promptly.

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